Parent Portal Data Confirmation Steps


Before school begins, parents/guardians must complete the Data Confirmation process in the Aeries Parent Portal. There are four sections to complete—some may require you to edit information, check boxes, or to print & sign a form. You may complete all five sections of the Data Confirmation in one sitting, or you may finish one section, “Save” it, log out and return at a later time to complete.


Aeries Parent Portal Account

For returning families who already have an Aeries Parent Portal Account, you can log in with your email address and password and begin your Data Confirmation. If you don’t remember your password, you may click the “Forgot Password” link.


For families who do not have an Aeries Parent Portal Account, an email from will be sent to you with information on how you can log in to the parent portal account. Your parent portal account is automatically created for you using the email address you have on file at your child’s school.


If you do not have a parent portal account and you did not receive an email from, (even after checking in the junk mail or the SPAM folder), please contact the school office to update your email information.


Logging in to Aeries Parent Portal

When you log into your parent portal account, you will be on the Home page of your student’s information and you will see the yellow banner on top with a hyperlink of “Click Here” to start the Data Confirmation process.


The Data Confirmation screen gives a brief description and explains what to do to start the process. All sections that will need review and/or updating are listed from 1 to 4, on the left side of the screen. As you complete each section, the number will be replaced with a checkmark. The Data Confirmation screen also contains the first updatable section which needs to be complete—Student Info.



Data Confirmation Screen Welcome Message


“Welcome to online Data Confirmation. The information you provide will keep the school office up to date in case of any student emergency. All information that you provide is confidential. You will also be provided important District and School policy information in the Documents section that may be printed for your own records. Begin with the Student section. After reviewing or updating the information, move on to the next section. You may stop at any time, and log back in to complete the remaining sections at a later time. The school office may contact you if they have any questions regarding the information you have submitted.

Before starting the fall registration process, please confirm your student (above) is assigned at the right school (in the top line above). Once you are on the right student and school, you may begin.

Follow the instructions on each tab below to complete Registration.”


Section 1 – Student

This section contains the current address and phone number assigned to your child. Click on the “Change” button to make any changes to the current information. 

*Please note that changes made to address will not be made but the school secretary will be notified that you tried to change it. You will need to provide proof of address.


After you make changes, remember to click on the “Save” button that appear below the edited data.


Click on Confirm and Continue to go to the next section.


Section 2 – Contacts

Use this section to change, add, or delete the existing emergency contact information for your child in addition to the parent/guardian.  Click on the pencil icon next to each existing contact, and in the pop-up window, make the needed changes and save or delete. You can add new contacts by clicking on the Add button on the right. In addition to each parent/guardian, include at least two additional emergency contacts and your child’s physician information. After changing or adding contacts, click on the “Save” button below. 




Section 3 – Documents

This section contains information that should be read and/or printed. Click on each document as required. After you have reviewed each document (or save the document  to review at a later time), continue onto the next section. You must click on the documents that are marked “*Required” to continue. The ones you clicked will be changed to green.



Section 4 – Requested Documents

Some of the documents that you clicked to download in the previous section can be completed and submitted back to the school on this section. Also, proof of address such as copies of utility bills and lease agreements can be uploaded on this section also. If you have already submitted them before you don’t need to do it again.






Section 5 – Final Data Confirmation

Complete the Data Confirmation process by clicking on “Finish and Submit” to indicate that you have completed each of the above sections. 



Then you will be able to view this screen to confirming the Data Confirmation has been completed.



Final Note

For any changes you make in your account, you will also receive an email notification. If you receive such notification when you haven’t accessed your account, please change your password right away and notify the school immediately. Below are samples of email notification that you would receive regarding Parent Portal account creation and Data Change notification.




Sample email for New Parent Portal Account Creation

Sample email text for Notification of Change

Sample email text for Data Confirmation Receipt